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The top of the stock is then closed around the person's kneck and wrists, restraining him or her in a kneeling position. The village's males, boys and men alike, had all undergone a similar humiliation, each having his cock and balls totally shaved bare before his castration. She is crying hysterically. Once finished binding her tits the whipmaster fastened each shiny metal ring to a rope which trailed down from the overhead pulley. As the women emerged from the crowd and were led up on the stage the crowd grew silent as they now clearly viewed the bare legs of the two attractive females, who wore only somewhat oversized, striped prison shirts which barely covered their buttocks. As she watched a guard placed two fireplace pokers into the eerily orange-glowing bucket. Photos show some men taking up just a little bit of extra space, while others can take up two entire seats with their overly wide leg spread.

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She looked as if she had been crying. Includes such elements as ritualized postures and positions which women are expected to take in the presence of men under certain circumstances. Forms of suturing include sewing the labia closed and Nude Female Spreader Bar the foreskin of the flaccid penis to the scrotum See related needle playlacing def. See related consensual non-consent.

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