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Uploaded: 03.09.2010
Duration: 49:37
Pornstar: Valeria Blue
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Thanks to our Sponsors! I had to know what his deal was, so as we were walking together to the parking lot across the street, I asked him. He said nothing as he grabbed a gown from the shelf and held it up for me to put my arms through. I am reading through all of your comments on my Doc reflections and discovered that a real live Doc here in SF reads my blog! Way back in the early 's I discovered a need to be vulnerable and naked in front of others, whether it be in public, among other naked guys, among clothed guys, or in front of authority. By this time I was pretty comfortable being nude in front of this crowd and so was my surprisingly soft penis.

Completely Naked: Erotic Physical Exam

I stared back into his eyes, still intimidated by his good looks. I was naked, hard and embarrassed. I hadn't expected this.

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