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The method of the Great Bee. For those exuberant and eager to taste the novel sensuality of this posture, the simple but persistent training in acquiring the necessary flexibility will be fully rewarded. The attention can now be orientated on the breathing, each trying to absorb the breath of the other, which will lead to a state of very great intimacy and a very profound communion of the soul. Love games can express this happiness more delicately than any poems through that intimacy that exists between the souls and bodies of two lovers. The posture of the Relaxed Arch. This sexual posture greatly amplify the sexual and vital energy and therefore it is indicated both at the beginning of the amorous intercourse in order to engage the sexual and vital potential and towards the end, when both lovers feel the need of a revigoration of the vital force.

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Couples Making Love Positions Gif know from the yoga practice that the Poaitions and ascending along the spine of the fundamental energy of Kundalini Shakti, is an important step in the spiritual evolution of the practitioner. The man and woman in the posture 69, in reciprocal oral-genital contact, man being in top. However, seek to master the sexual pleasure and not be its slave.

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