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Leelee Sobieski 46 Retrieved March 20, After she dumps him, he begins to stalk her, which ends with George punching him in the face, getting the professor arrested and George's TV being destroyed. When George thinks back to the lousy Christmas presents from his mother. He ends up meeting her, but does not tell her she is adopted. He tries to keep it a secret from his wife and kids, but his professor drops by for an unexpected visit to give Angie food because George lied to her and said that he was joining the Army, and that Lim's husband was also an Army who was killed in battle.

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When Carmen questions George about George Lopez Constance Marie Nude to college, George makes a big mistake in telling Carmen she has no potential. Emilia Clarke 41 Jennifer Lopez in slavery Author: Then Angie changes her mind about letting him stay, and George takes Ricky back to his apartment, but he finds out about Ricky's crappy childhood and he decides to let him stay.

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