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Laurie is also noted to be just as beautiful as her mother, if not more. In it, her mother's last name is never mentioned to be "Juspeczyk". Laurie's Silk Spectre costume in the graphic novel is a black bra and thong, covered by a see through yellow dress. She had bought her GI Joe with spare uniforms. During that time she tried twice to quit smoking but life there was so unbearable that she failed. Jailbreak with Nite Owl.

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Manhattan later finds them asleep together and smiles at Laurie's newfound love and happiness and walks out of the room to confront Veidt. Sign In Don't have an Sill In Jon was transferred to Rockefeller Military Research Center and she went with him in order to keep him Silk Spectre Nude Fakes in the "Special Talents Quarters".

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