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Carol visits Connor in hospital but his mother Kendra Sharon D. When Faith returns home drunk, Grace slaps her telling her to leave. Stacey has called the police but Janine tells her that she heard Lily crying and took her to look after her. She is impressed by his wealth and they go back to his house. Then all I heard was the EastEnders theme tune he was playing down the phone. Jasmyn also is hoping to make it big across the pond in Hollywood and has had her teeth fixed for the perfect movie smile. Prince Edward presents medals to athletes as he takes in the action at the Gold

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He Alice From Eastenders Nude threatens her with Jodie, saying he can get her to take his side, saying she has always been a daddy's girl, but Vanessa reveals he is not her father. She tells Julie that she will win if Billy is forced to choose, and Julie, realising she and Lola have no future together, leaves after saying an emotional farewell to Billy. Pat and Peggy meet again and agree they did the right thing, but then both their mobile phones receive text messages at the Alice From Eastenders Nude time Fro they walk away from each other smiling. After Ryan and Janine's honeymoon, Janine discovers that Ryan is Lily's father and is angry about it.

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