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It remained in the convent until at least Ruskin wrote Its principal entrance is a very fine example of early renaissance sculpture. Some dingier ones on the left hand of the nave. On the ceiling gold and white stucco work by Abbondio Stazio surrounds frescoes by Francesco Fontabasso and Louis Dorigny two each. On the first level there are statues of the apostles who witnessed the Assumption of the Virgin, by various sculptors. These doors also let in a fair amount of the noise of the campo and the market stalls, adding to this church's feel of being open and used. It has been installed in the centre of the carved wooden ceiling of gilded cherubim in Room 1 there.

The Churches of Venice :: Cannaregio

Campanile 40m ft manual bells Dating fromand the original church, but topped by an 18th Century belfry. This work began in with the chancel, and then the rest of the church, orientated parallel Najed the Grand Canal this time, with its apse to the east. They are by Vittoria, who was a pupil of the Lombardi, and are the Assunta De Rossi Naked Image later additions to their work. The first documentary evidence is from

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