Total Drama Island Gwen Sexy Naked

Uploaded: 24.06.2010
Duration: 50:32
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Gwen swimming before she is chased by a shark. Gwen panicking in the confessional. Gwen's feud with Heather continue after Total Drama Action has ended. They are sensitive, cheerful, and boy-crazy and when they grow attracted to someone, they will fawn over him endlessly. Gwen kisses Cameron on the cheek. Gwen on the platform. Seeing that the obsession for her was changing Trent for the worse, Gwen ends her relationship with Trent after the challenge is over.

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Despite everyone's hatred towards her particularly from Gwen and Leshawnashe manages to make it to the final three thanks to either performing strongly in the competition or manipulating others to get what she wants. How do you open this thing!? She is fun but hard to handle and to the other contestants, more trouble than she is worth.

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