Girl With A Pearl Earring Analysis

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Although Vermeer produced only 36 paintings in his lifetime, he had a different approach to his artworks. Girl with a Pearl Earring was originally titled Girl with a Turban and it wasn't until the second half of the twentieth century that the name was changed. She tells him she will not discuss the question and hurries back to the studio. Email already in use. Asymmetrical Balance in Art: On the day of Griet's eighteenth birthday, she goes to the market where Pieter the butcher drops hints about the errand his son is on.

"Girl With a Pearl Earring" Analysis Essay - Words

When she insists on keeping her head covered in the portrait, Griet clings to a last attempt at self-control and agency in her interactions with Vermeer. Griet knows that she is expected to pick it up. Voss explains, "Vermeer protects Griet from van Ruijven's predations, but he does not protect her from the anger and jealousy of his wife, nor can he protect her from her own desire"

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