Israel Women Giving The Finger

Uploaded: 11.06.2010
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Survey exposes American ignorance about Holocaust. Dean, Managing Editor - April 11, 0. Hanegbi heads to Myanmar for highest-level visit in 35 years. Trump is not a Puppet, in the context of the last decades and his known creators handlers he is a Golem. As long as there is no agreement with the Palestinians on the future of the settlements, expanding settlements is adding insult to injury. You actually made money laundering their donations. The measure singles out Israeli settlements in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem as the main obstacles blocking a two-state solution, farcically ignoring that the PA has repeatedly refused Israeli offers of a state in those very areas.

Obama Gives Parting Middle Finger to Israel with Anti-Settlement Resolution | Breitbart

Jonas, get it right. It is not just fear of punishment the younger germans are totaly brainwashed and the elder are dying out who can tell them what really happend since when those criminals took over germany. No-one seems to understand my point.

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